“After my parents passed away, I inherited a huge box of photos and put them away.
When my son asked me to tell him about his grandparents, I pulled out the box and realized that I didn’t know a lot about the people in the pictures.”

“That was the day TimeStories began.” 

TimeStories founder and director Peter Savigny is a five-time Emmy Award-winning television broadcast designer, and 20-year veteran producer.

Peter has created nationally branded imagery for such television shows as:

  • NBC-TV’s Today Show
  • ABC-TV’s Prime Time Live
  • NBC-TV’s Summer Olympics (Twice)
  • Lifetime / MSG / HBO / NBA
  • Numerous productions for The History and Discovery Channels

“I share in the belief that our stories today affect those yet to be, that true value comes from family and friends,
and so much detail is forsaken in the rush of modern living. Now is the best time to invest in a lifetime.”

Take the time to capture the stories of times past and present. Preserve your cherished photos with a story that will last for all time.
Honor loved ones with a tribute of times shared. Do it today, for today’s TimeStories are handed down as tomorrow’s treasures.


TimeStories – Always Moving.

Peter Savigny


Proud member of the APH


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