Henry recounts his journey escaping from the Nazis during WWII. Life from a Polish war child to a successful New Jersey Hotelier
Julie’s European origins and upbringing. Intro to a 2-hour biography movie.
Mary tells of her upbringing in Palmerton, PA. A personal video biography by TimeStories.com originally produced when we were Heirloom Biography.com
Byron’s personal video biography tells of his family’s emigration from Sweden and of their settling in Kansas.
Two identical twins describe their origins and tell of growing up in New Jersey during the 1950′s.
Angela tells of her upbringing in Greece, and includes home movies, photos, researched imagery, graphics and music to make her story come to life!
Our “DocuMemory” allows for heritage to be preserved and shared – even after loved ones have passed – for now and forever!

Make the Past a Present for the Future

We can only understand our path by knowing where we have been. Your personal history is significant, and your family deserves to know the stories behind their origins. No matter how simple or grand, we all have our own TimeStories – our unique place in history.

Honor family and preserve legacy with one of our exceptional personal Biography or DocuMemory films. 
(A Biography is made by documenting a living person. A DocuMemory is made by documenting family members discussing a departed relative.)

A TimeStories’ broadcast-quality motion Biography or DocuMemory ranges from choice interviewed recollections to visually exquisite productions mixed with personal photos and home movie clips, researched historical imagery, music, graphics – edited like a Ken Burn’s “movie-of-your-life”. This exceptional “life story” film builds a bridge between generations, creating a future legacy for the whole family. 
Enjoy it today. Share it forever.

This biography turned out much more touching than I could’ve imagined. It has brought our entire family together.

A Box of Old Photos Tells No Tales

Old photos won’t speak for themselves. A personal documentary is the most distinct and timeless gift possible. They are fast and easy to make in only a few hours of your time. Once complete, everyone benefits – yourself, your family and your descendants!

All our documentaries are filmed at a leisurely pace in the location of your choosing. As long or as short as your story requires. Then, we edit the footage with your photos, adding music and special touches. Every completed movie captures the nuances and subtleties of character and embraces the true spirit of the subject. Your DVD master is chaptered for easy navigation and includes an archival CD containing digital copies of all the photos used in the production. Consider adding our premium-quality, bound, Story Album photo book as an accompaniment.

We are experts in obtaining your story. (Not being part of your family has a lot to do with it!) There’s no judgement, no embarrassment. Just honest history – private struggles and personal triumphs – saved from obscurity. Read more about our Process.

What’s Your Story?

Your samples were wonderful – so thoughtful and professional – that’s what drew us in.

Choosing to make a personal biography is an unparalleled decision to make for the future of your legacy. Now is the best time to illustrate family origins and bring clarity to a life lived. TimeStories’ owner, Peter Savigny, a five-time Emmy Award-winning broadcast designer, custom crafts your story into an entertaining, educational and emotional work of art. Watch our Movies and call for a free consultation.

It’s fast. It’s easy. And it’s time!

Call TimeStories today to discuss options. We love what we do and you’ll love us for it!